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   Current Projects
  • Data Exchange: the theory behind data translation and migration.
  • iBench: the first metadata generator for supporting empirical integration research.
  • Vivification: on-demand data interpretation based on business semantics.
   Past Projects (Research Associate, Bell University Laboratories)
  • Hyperion: Data management support for dynamic peer-to-peer data sharing applications.
  • Bringing Evidence to the Point of Care

    Clinicians need access to high-quality evidence for clinical decision-making. Questions frequently arise during patient care but these information needs aren't being met and clinicians are limited by their inability to afford more than a few seconds per patient for finding and assimilating evidence. The consequence of these challenges is that high-quality evidence is inconsistently translated into practice. We propose to fill the gap between the knowledge needs of the clinicians and the best evidence available in the clinical literature using wireless computers. This project is conducted in collaboration with the "Health Communication Research Laboratory" (Faculty of Medicine, UoFT) and the "Collaborative Effectiveness Laboratory" (Mechanical Engineering, UofT).

  • Semantic Models for Knowledge Management

    This project focuses on the management of (corporate) strategic knowledge. Such knowledge includes strategic objectives (or "goals"), tactical goals, tactics for fulfilling them, potential obstacles, relevant events and the like. We propose to develop prototype tools to support analysts as they conduct strategic analysis. As well, the tools will assist analysts as they search, summarize and classify information retrieved from reports, news stories, and the like.

  • Storing, Querying and Managing XML Documents with ToX

    This project focuses on the management of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data represented by XML documents. We propose to develop an XML storage engine, called TOX (TOronto XML engine) that will support the key functions in document management, including registering documents, querying document metadata, defining logical views of distributed data sources, and querying document content and structure.

Last Updated March 1, 2013