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  Honors and Awards
  • Theoretical Computer Science 2nd Top Cited Paper 2005-2014

    Ronald Fagin, Phokion G. Kolaitis, Renée J. Miller and Lucian Popa, Data exchange: Semantics and query answering. Volume 336, Issue 1, 25 May 2005

  • ICDT Test of Time Award, 2013

    This award recognizes a paper presented at the ICDT (International Conference on Database Theory) from 10 years prior that has best met the test-of-time and was awarded to ``Data Exchange: Semantics and Query Answering'', by Ronald Fagin, Phokion G. Kolaitis, Renée J. Miller, and Lucian Popa. This work was praised for ``initiating a new line of research, and providing a beautiful conceptual contribution, rich of challenging questions, which has constantly attracted the community in the last ten years, and still attracts many valuable research efforts.'' ICDT and PODS are the two top international research forums in database theory.

  • Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC), Canada's national academy, 2011.

    The Royal Society of Canada is the Canadian National Academy, equivalent to the US National Academy of Science. Citation: Professor Renee Miller is world-renowned as a pioneer in the field of Database Systems, a core topic for Computer Science. Her work has focused on the long-standing open problem of data integration and has achieved the goal of building practical data integration systems. At the same time, Professor Miller has been a leader among her peers in Canada and abroad, spearheading research and research activity. Her profile is unique in that it combines gracefully theoretical elegance, reflected by citations and scholarly awards, with industrial impact, reflected by patents and successful industrial products.

  • ACM Fellow, 2009

    For innovations in metadata management, especially the creation of tools to integrate, transform, query and analyze information.

  • NSERC Accelerator Award for Exceptional Opportunity, 2008
  • Bell Canada Chair of Information Systems, 2006
  • Premier's Research Excellence Award, 1999
  • IBM Faculty Award, 1998-2001
  • US Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), 1997
  • NSF Faculty Early Career Award (CAREER), 1997
  • Ameritech Faculty Fellow, 1996
  • IBM PhD Fellowship
  • Member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi, an honorary scientific research society (MIT Chapters)
  Student Honors

I've had the honor of working with an amazing and gifted group of students and postdocs.
Just a few of their awards:

  • Ariel Fuxman: ACM SIGMOD Dissertation Award 2007.

    (SIGMOD's citation) "Ariel Fuxman received the 2007 SIGMOD Dissertation Award for his dissertation on Efficient Query Processing over Inconsistent Databases. This dissertation combines theoretical and conceptual work on query rewriting for inconsistent and uncertain data, with implementation and experimentation demonstrating effectiveness of the approach on large-scale databases. The work is significant in bringing sound database theory into practice and offering efficient solutions to urgent real problems."

  • Oktie Hassanzadeh: IBM PhD Fellowship 2010.
  • Oktie Hassanzadeh: Yahoo Key Scientific Challenges Prize 2010.
  • I have been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation (including Career and PECASE awards), NSERC (including Accelerator Award for Exceptional Opportunity), IBM (including IBM Faculty Award), Ontario Ministry of Research (Premier's Research Excellence Award), CITO, OCE, MITACS, Bell Canada, and gifts from Microsoft Research.
  • PI and Scientific Director of the NSERC Business Intelligence Network, 2009-2015.

    NSERC BIN was a strategic network that included five industrial partners (with major funding from IBM and SAP), seven academic partners, and 14 co-PIs. The network funded over 150 graduate students and 20 postdocs over its six years.

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