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  Project Description
  ConQuer: Efficient Management of Inconsistent Databases
  Although integrity constraints have long been used to maintain data consistency, there are situations in which they may not be enforced or satisfied. ConQuer is a system for efficient and scalable answering of SQL queries on databases that may violate a set of constraints. ConQuer permits users to postulate a set of key constraints together with their queries. The system rewrites the queries to retrieve all (and only) data that is consistent with respect to the constraints. The rewriting is into SQL, so the rewritten queries can be efficiently optimized and executed by commercial database systems.

Ariel Fuxman received the 2008 ACM SIGMOD Jim Gray Doctoral Dissertation Award for his work on this project.

  • Project Members
    Renée J. Miller external link (Professor, University of Toronto)
  • Periklis Andritsos external link  (Assistant Professor, University of Trento)
    Elham Fazli external link  (MSc, University of Toronto)
    Ariel Fuxman external link  (Researcher, Microsoft Research)
    Jiang Du (MSc, University of Toronto)
  • Collaborators
    Diego Fuxman (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina)
  We have successfully demonstrated our system at the 2005 VLDB (Trondheim, Norway) and at the 2005 IBM CASCON (Toronto, Canada) conferences. If you missed these events and would like to see our demo, please contact us. Here are our slidesexternal link
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