Database Systems Seminar Monday March 16th 2pm

Speaker: Mary Roth, IBM Almaden/UCSC
When: Monday March 16th 2pm
Where: BA 7230
Title: Preference-aware Integration of Temporal Data

A complete description of an entity is rarely contained in a single data source, but rather, it is often distributed across different data
sources. Applications based on personal electronic health records,sentiment analysis, and financial records all illustrate that significant value can be derived from an integrated, consistent, and queryable profile of entities from different sources. Even more so, such integrated profiles are considerably enhanced if temporal information from different sources is carefully accounted for. In this talk, we describe a preference-aware union operator that is capable of consistently integrating data that may contain multiple dimensions of time and upholds important algebraic identities, which makes it particularly suitable for data integration: PRAWN produces the same integrated outcome, modulo representation of time, regardless of the order in which data sources are integrated.

Mary Roth is a Research Staff Member at the Accelerated Discovery Lab at the IBM Almaden Research Center. She has earned the title of IBM Distinguished Engineer and has more than 20 years of experience in database systems and data integration. She has made significant contributions to query optimization, discovery-driven integration design, and mapping technology for information integration. Her current research interests lie in accelerating collaborative discovery using data and analytics. She has a broad patent portfolio, has published in leading academic journals and conferences, and has taught at leading universities. She has a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin.


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