Tuesday Nov 18th, 2pm BA7230

Speaker: Khaled Ammar, University of Waterloo

Title: “WGB: Towards a Universal Graph Benchmark”

Abstract : Graph data are of growing importance in many recent applications. There are many systems proposed in the last decade for graph processing and analysis. Unfortunately, with the exception of RDF stores, every system uses different datasets and queries to assess its scalability and efficiency. This makes it challenging (and sometimes impossible) to conduct a meaningful comparison. Our aim is to close this gap by introducing Waterloo Graph Benchmark (WGB), a benchmark for graph processing systems that offers an efficient generator that creates dynamic graphs with properties similar to those found in the real-life. WGB includes the basic graph queries which are used for building graph applications.

Bio: I’m a PhD student in the Cheriton School of Computer Science at University of Waterloo Canada. My supervisor is Prof. Tamer Ozsu. I like to describe myself as a Researcher, Entrepreneur, and Project Manager. On the personal side, I’m a son, husband and father of two adorable kids.


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