The Data Curation lab hosted a successful 2 day workshop on Empirical Evaluation of Data Integration and Cleaning in September.
We were proud to host a distinguished array of speakers, including:

  • Gianni Mecca, Università della Basilicata, What is the IQ of your Data Transformation System?
  • Anup Kumar Chalamalla, University of Waterloo, Descriptive and Prescriptive Data Cleaning
  • Paolo Papotti, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Evaluating Integrity Constraints Discovery Algorithms
  • Rachel Pottinger, University of British Columbia, Real Data
  • Denilson Barbosa, University of Alberta, Data Cleaning meets Web Information Extraction
  • Boris Glavic, Illinois Institute of Technology, Automatic Generation and Ranking of Explanations for Data Exchange Errors
  • Wang-Chiew Tan, University of California, Santa Cruz, Empirical Evaluation of Data Integration Systems: A Case Study and a Desideratum
  • Marie Hoffman, TU Berlin, Composite Key Generation on a Shared-Nothing Architecture
  • Patricia C. Arocena, University of Toronto, iBench: Metadata Generation for Benchmarking Integration Systems

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